Monday, 17 August 2015

The fresh smell of the country!

Its summer and were back on the trail to find the greatest ice cream. To start us off we felt we should hunt down anymore local places that we missed last year, one of which we found near Tenterden towards the edge of Kent. The town has a wonderful selection of shops, with a lovely market (the bread stall had some amazing cakes on sale such as a rather stunning cheesecake).

Silcocks farm is a very active farm shop/restaurant on the hill above the town. The shop sells a wonderful array of items, many of which are locally sourced with a fantastic selection of home and locally produced meat, dairy and grocery products. They also run local events and the shop has a fantastic courtyard with tables, chairs and beautiful flowers.

The ice cream is produced by Hannah's dairy for Silcocks farm.They offer a lovely selection of flavors, all pre packed in two different sizes. Along with the usual, traditional flavors, they also offer a few less usual options. We selected three flavors, picking white chocolate, strawberry and rhubarb & custard. These were nice sized and extremely well priced at £1.50 per tub.

One of the three, white chocolate, truly shone with a wonderful flavour and a lovely, creamy texture (lots of fighting between us and our two year old over that one). The other two held a delightful taste and you got a sense they had been well thought out, but sadly the consistency seemed rather icy and lacked the creamy nature of the white chocolate.

Over all we had a great time at the farm. We sat in one of the farms side buildings in the courtyard in the centre as we ate our ice cream (tipping it down with rain, it was very atmospheric :-) ).

The staff at the farm shop were wonderful and one day we will go back, not only to try other flavors but also to visit their restaurant as we would be very interested to see if and how they serve the ice cream as a sit - down experience!

So, the results are in -

3 for the ice cream

4 for the experience

Thank you Silcocks, we really enjoyed our visit.

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