Monday, 31 August 2015

G & D's, Oxford

Sandwiched rather nicely in the middle of our holiday was a trip to the wonderful city of Oxford. I had many happy memories of previous trips here, be that visiting whilst at college and getting to sing with our church choir at Magdelen college chapel, or simply a flying visit on the coach when heading to the train station as I was heading off to university. But this was Bekahs and the boys first visit to the city, a long talked about trip to a city filled with links to many literary greats, and this visit did not disappoint.

After a trip to the wonderful story museum (honestly, check it out! So much fun), we decided a hunt for ice cream was needed.We had read some wonderful reviews about G & D's prior to going, and these had set some VERY high standards as to be expected by an establishment in Oxford.

There are three different branches around the city, each with a slight amendment to the name (George & Davis, George & Danver, and George & Delila) We visited the George & Danver branch.

It was a relatively hot day and because of this, the café was heaving which was wonderful to see, but did mean that the service felt extremely rushed and perfunctory. Although it was still very efficient and we were only taking away rather than eating in it still detracted a little from the experience as it didn't encourage us to want to come back and eat in.

That said however it did seem to offer a good array of food and the people who were eating in seemed to be enjoying themselves. There was a decent selection of ice cream and we opted for three scoops - one of their signature Oxford Blue (blueberry), one of salted caramel and one of milk chocolate as well as a slice of ice cream cake. Price wise it was very reasonable, especially considering the area (and the amount we had to pay for parking!), and we were stuffed by the time we had finished.

We took our ice cream off to eat on the bus stop bench outside the shop and Bekah had to be physically restrained from eating the entire ice cream cake slice herself. We had mixed feelings about the ice cream however. Although all three scoops had a great texture and creaminess, the flavours weren't consistent. We are agreed that the milk chocolate was one of the best ice creams we've tasted since beginning this journey, and the salted caramel was a good solid ice cream, but the Oxford Blue was a very strange experience. Given the strength of the other flavours we aren't sure how much this is the fault of G&Ds and how much it's just that blueberries are weird in ice cream, but the skins running through it made it very gritty with a bit of a bitter aftertaste.

We will be going back for the ice cream cake and the milk chocolate on future visits to the city, and will definitely rereview if our feelings on experience change, but most importantly we know to avoid blueberry ice cream from now on!


3 experience

4 ice cream

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