Monday, 24 August 2015

Macari's, Worthing


During our holiday at the start of the month we were able to visit a lovely selection of ice cream havens. To set the scene slightly for this particular day we traveled from London down to Brighton for a visit to the Lanes where we found a Moomin shop which our boys were transfixed by (and the shop attached to the new library there is stunning too! Well worth a visit if you like quirky literary items). We will be visiting Brighton again as we saw lots of potential ice cream gold mines, probably off season and not before a national festival as we went the day before the pride festival so it was heaving, but it was such an incredible atmosphere we want to go back.

After this shopping (so much shopping!), a short drive along the coast was needed, windows fully down both to calm and cool us on what was a rather warm day. Having lived that way for part of my uni life I knew the roads well and we found ourselves in another one of the UK's best seaside towns, Worthing. It was at this point that we remembered our list and the hunt for the ice cream commenced with a small visit to the sea facing Ice Cream Parlour that is Macaris.

We were expecting big things from Macaris as our internet stalking beforehand on all things ice cream related has seen this place ranked very highly by many national newspapers and also, most importantly,by the ICA (Ice Cream Alliance) who have awarded its ice cream many awards over the years. We have also previously had a little confusion with the similarly named Makcari's in Herne Bay - the name is about where the similarities end but more on that in another post!

The parlour itself was nice to sit in and fairly accessible for our (massive) pushchair, and the staff were friendly. We decided to go for a hot fudge sundae, containing their award winning chocolate ice cream. When this arrived we were surprised to find No chocolate - after querying unfortunately they had run out of the chocolate ice cream meaning we were unable to sample it. However the sundae was good regardless. The hot fudge sauce was actually hot fudge sauce rather than chocolate fudge sauce which is usually the case and this impressed us immensely. The ice cream itself was smooth, creamy and all round a rather lovely delicacy. If we had been able to sample the chocolate we're pretty sure that the ice cream would have got top marks!

The price was reasonable and the range of ice creams is good. They also have a small selection of sorbets and ice cream suitable for diabetics as well as gluten free ice cream and cones.

Over all our ratings take into account the lack of our choice of ice cream and the lack of information provided - but we truly feel this was a oversight as the service provided apart from this was wonderful.


4 experience

4 ice cream



    Ahem. What I mean to say is, my family used to go to Worthing allllll the time when I was little and always always our first stop was in macaris for coffee/tea/hot chocolate/a milkshake. So this is like nostalgiaaaa, and I'm glad their ice cream is good too :)

    1. Yeah, it's not specifically a Moomin shop but because of the movie it had a load of awesome Moomin stuff and a huge cutout of Moominpappa outside which Ben obviously loved! By the way I totally blame/thank you for their Moomin obsession!

      Aw it's always nice to hear we've been to places other people have loved!