Sunday, 2 November 2014

Long Time No Posts! Coming Back Close to Home..

It's been far too long since our last post, but rest assured our taste buds have been far from idle! We have a notebook full of awesome (and a few less awesome) places to tell you about and we're starting with a place we've now tried, in various incarnations, three times now, just down the road from us in Ramsgate. 

This is obviously not the shop front in Ramsgate but rather the stall which Sorbetto had at the Canterbury food festival this year. This was the second time we'd tasted their ice cream, the first being at 9am on a rainy morning when we'd dropped the car off at Kwik Fit, had a few hours to kill and couldn't agree on where to go to get breakfast. So, as we are a pair of sensible adults we chose ice cream. 

We had a banana split and it was, to be honest, unmemorable, but when we saw the stand at the food fair we thought we'd give them another go and were very glad we did!

We had a cone of white chocolate and toffee and it was incredible. The flavour of the white chocolate was not overpowering and the toffee ripple running through it was really thick and creamy and gorgeous. The over all sentiment we were left with was this ice cream is fresh from the machine - it was enough to make us want to go back to the actual parlour and try again. 

Joined by two family members we went to the parlour during the recent school half term break. We were very pleased to see they were running activities for children (make your own viking ship - they all looked like they were having a great deal of fun). 

We felt we needed to let the parlour give us its best shot - so, spending the most we've spent on a sundae to date (a whopping £9), we chose a Millionaire's Shortbread Sundae.   

The price was high but so was the content of the sundae - a total of 6 ladles of ice cream (2 of each of caramel, Ferrero Rocher and vanilla), topped with cream, chunks of shortbread, chocolate sauce, chocolate stick, chocolate coins, sugar paper money notes (do you get it.....millionaire!) and Ferrero Rocher. The picture tells no lies, it was mammoth and well worth the price - we only just about finished the lot between us all.

We felt that each of the ice creams had wonderful flavours, perfectly blended and the three they chose for this mega sundae worked extremely well together. The only slight drawback was that the ice cream itself tasted slightly less fresh this time around, but to be fair to the parlour, we are well and truly off season for ice cream and this will have led to there being less fresh daily batches. 

Having thoroughly tested out Sorbetto from all angles, we can highly recommend a visit! We give it:

for both ice cream and experience!

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