Sunday, 28 September 2014

Deal Beach Parlor

On a rather rain filled day on the edge of England what better thing to do than to visit one of our favourite cafe's (Kings coffee Shop Restaurant in Deal - amazing place) followed by testing ice cream from a traditional seaside ice cream parlor.

Like Morellis in Broadstairs, Deal Beach Parlor is like stepping into a tardis and visiting the 1960s (something we'd both quite like to do!). They serve a range of other food as well as ice cream and I can personally recommend the ham and cheese toastie!

We took refuge from the torrential downpour at a corner table and ordered a brown derby, a desert which I remember from many after-swimming dinners at our local Wimpy as a child (this is not a bad thing), and which consists of a warm doughnut, vanilla ice cream, chocolate sauce and a wafer.

We also ordered a single scoop of  Carte D'or Strawberry cheesecake, which, noticing we had a little one with us, the lady kindly served in an ice-cream cone shaped bowl with teddy wafers. Our son ended up eating a couple of spoonfuls of it but he was really just after the doughnut and mr whippy.

Have to say that we were very pleased with the Brown Derby (whats not to love about a warm sugar dougnut covered with mr whippy and chocolate sauce!) but sadly the posh Carte D'or ice cream didn't live up to expectations. We've tried a great deal of wonderful ice cream since we started this blog, and prior to that Carte D'or was deemed to be a special treat that we would get from the supermarket from time to time. Now.... I'd prefer to wait and find a local treat.

There was nothing overly wrong with the strawberry cheesecake ice cream - it just didn't thrill like others we've had recently, it lacked the creaminess and texture we've grown to love. The parlor on the other-hand was an elegant bit of nostalgia with fantastic views as it is right on the seafront. Our son particularly loved the antique chicken arcade machine that pops eggs with toys out (I remember these when I was his age too :-) ). A liitle trip down memory lane.

So, the scores!

3 for both ice cream and experience.

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