Saturday, 17 September 2016

That sweet, sweet melted chocolate!

Were back! Family and work has been the downfall of our ice cream endeavors this summer but thankfully we have been able to squeeze in a quick visit to a little gem in the heart of London's West End.

Gelatorino is found just around the corner 
from Drury Lane Theatre / The Royal Opera House, right next to the tourist hot spot that is Covent Garden. As you would expect from the area the parlor is located, the shop itself is very well presented both inside  and out. The exterior is very simple but stylish, with the interior utilizing space very well with a small area for seating and displays around the walls. 

When you enter the parlor you are greeted by a very  beautiful 'pozzetti' display (Enclosed cases of Gelato rather than open display) and quite impressively, from both a aesthetic viewpoint and a geeky ice cream loving viewpoint, behind glass screens they also have 2 Gelato mixers blending away the next batch of ice cream ready to go on sale.

We chose two flavours of Gelato, Almond and Stracciatella, and had them with a hot, melted chocolate sauce. This was served in a slanted square plastic container and cost £6 in total, which considering the area and the size of portion, we did not feel that this was too bad. 

Now, we may not have done this for a while, but we still know a good (or bad!) ice cream and to say that these flavors were divine is a understatement of massive proportion. Creamy, soft, light and full of flavour, it ticked all the boxes. Also if you're reading this and you've never had melted (good quality) chocolate on ice cream before, stop whatever you're doing and go and do it. So good!

 5 Experience

 5 Ice Cream

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