Friday, 1 August 2014

Flossies of Tunbridge Wells

As I've got a few weeks off from the day job, we thought a quick search for Kent and Sussex based Ice cream parlours was in order. This produced a short list of potentials, one of which was the small but wonderfully named 'Flossies'.

Firstly we should point out the wonderful ice cream trolley. This is used for a wide range of outside events plus doubles up as the instore freezer for the ice cream.
Flossies offer their services in a rather unique way, advertising that they can do weddings (Wish we'd thought of that - a nice ice cream while taking photos after the church sounds amazing!).

The lovely lady who served us was very patient (considering our oldest son was Wide awake and very nosy)

Then there is the ice cream. Good value for money seeing as it is made in house and a nice selection of flavours to choose from - We plumped for Mint ice cream and a little bit of Stracciatella - the latter was a new one to us - best described as Vanilla Chocolate Vienetta. Both scoops were of a healthy size - we preffered the Stracciatella to the Mint which just seemed a tad to sweet for our liking.

The parlour itself is fairly small with just a couple sit!

We rank it (out of 5) for the exof tables inside and out, and tucked away in the corner of a courtyard it would be fairly difficult to stumble upon unless you know the area well, but if you're in Tunbridge Wells it's definitely worth a visit

For the Ice Cream (out of 5):

For the experience (out of 5):

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