Sunday, 27 July 2014

Welcome to Our Big Ice Cream Trip!

We come from families who love Ice cream. So much so that when we moved to Kent one of the main reasons we choose our new home was the towns wonderful ice cream parlor. It is a throwback to years gone buy, a traditional seaside parlor with all the original fixtures and fittings with a selection of giant, colorful and flavorsome award winning sundaes.

Whilst spending many hours testing flavors over the last 4 years living here we've gradually realised that we have become what can only be described as 'ice-cream-snobs'. When visiting other towns, theaters, pubs and restaurants we found we had to try there ice cream - we had to see if could find a better ice cream then that of our home town.

And so, here is our blog! A co-written blog between the two of us looking at the best the country has to offer whilst giving us an excuse to eat copious amounts of delicious ice cream.

As well as talking about the places we've visited, we'll also be sharing our experiences in ice cream making and the adventures of our little sons in their journey of ice cream discovery. If you're a fellow ice cream lover feel free to say hi, and if you have any recommendations for us of places to visit we'd love to hear them!

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